FACS Management Solutions: Take Control of your Facilities

FACS provides a comprehensive suite of services that help you proactively manage your facilities. These services are designed to reduce business interruptions related to emergency responses, construction projects and to help manage current project information. We understand your need for immediate access to data, and further, to have a team of professionals available to assist you on a moment’s notice.

“FACS Management Solutions has saved us more time and money than we ever thought possible. In addition, we now have consistency in handling emergencies and have easy access to the pertinent documents we need.”
– Patrick Brenner, Extended Stay America

Find the critical information that you need, 24/7.

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FACS Incident Response Management (FIRM)

FIRM Control on the Management and Costs of Incidents

We partner with companies that have multiple locations to proactively manage emergencies in a consistent and cost effective manner. We help establish protocols, source and manage restoration vendors, establish national account pricing and provide invoice auditing. Our team also provides expert management of each incident with proven results. Let us handle your next emergency.


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Taking environmental data into the cloud

FACSTrack provides a web-based interactive system that tracks asbestos, lead, mold, and PCBs in your facilities. The system features digitized diagrams that allow for a visualization of harmful contaminants for inventory and mapping. It has never been easier to define the presence of physical and biological agents in specific areas and to eliminate confusion related to emergency response, construction or maintenance issues.


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Project information at your fingertips

MyProjects allows you to review current project information any time day or night. Do you need sample results? Would you like to know the status of an invoice? Do you have a question for the Project Manager? We understand the pace of business and have created this password protected site to help manage information. MyProjects, provides access to critical data whenever you need it the most.